Why Print Fabric Is No Friend to Small Business

Print fabric isn’t the best option for a lot of small businesses. It can be expensive, it’s difficult to create, and it’s not very eco-friendly. Instead, investigate using other materials. Print fabric is more expensive than other fabrics because it’s more difficult to make and harder to find. Though print fabric is often made from the same materials as solid-colour fabrics, it requires a lot more work from both the manufacturer and designer.

It’s Expensive

The first step in creating fabric print is cutting out each individual pattern piece for each colour that will be used in the design. Then, all these pieces must be sewn together by hand and if you’re using multiple colours within one design (which most people do), this process must be repeated multiple times!

Once all these pieces are finally sewn together into one large piece of cloth with many different patterns on top of each other, they’re sent off for finishing processes like washing so they’ll look good when they come back out on store shelves later down line; but even then, there’s still plenty left before we even get started talking about making actual clothing items out them.

Prints Are Not Very Sustainable

The dyeing process used to create prints is harmful to the environment, as it involves toxic chemicals that can pollute ground water and cause health problems for people who work in the factories where they’re made. In addition, these dyes are often made from petroleum products that don’t break down easily in nature (or at all).

Print fabrics are also bad for animals because many of them are made from synthetic materials like polyester which do not decompose easily when thrown away or washed down the drain they just sit there until someone digs them up again! What’s more? Some manufacturers have been known to use fur from animals caught in traps or killed by hunters as well as feathers taken from birds whose wings have been clipped so they can’t fly away; both practices cause unnecessary harm!

There Are Too Many Awful Prints

Custom printed cotton fabric have the potential to be beautiful. Print fabrics can make your work look more professional and add some personality to your products or decorating choices. But there are too many awful prints out there that you’ll never want to use again and they’re all over the internet! If you’re planning on selling something with a print on it (say, like clothes), then people will see this same ugly pattern everywhere else they go at friends’ houses; in stores; online at other businesses who sell clothing or accessories with similar patterns and on and on ad infinitum until it becomes nauseatingly repetitive (and even unbearable).

You should look at other options before using print fabric

If you are thinking about using print fabric, there are a few things to consider. First, it’s a lot more expensive than other options and doesn’t always look as good in person. Second, print fabric is difficult for small businesses like yours because it’s difficult to make; many printers will not accept small orders from customers and may require an upfront deposit before they start working with you.


If you’re looking to buy fabric, we recommend that you look at other options before using print fabric. It’s expensive, it’s difficult to make custom prints and they aren’t very sustainable. If all this sounds like something that would appeal to your business, then perhaps woven fabrics might be a better option!